EMQ X Node Bridge

Two or more EMQ X brokers can be bridged together. Bridges forward MQTT messages from one broker node to another:

              ---------                     ---------                     ---------
Publisher --> | Node1 | --Bridge Forward--> | Node2 | --Bridge Forward--> | Node3 | --> Subscriber
              ---------                     ---------                     ---------

Configure Bridge

Suppose that we create two EMQ X brokers on localhost:

Name Node MQTT Port
emqx1 emqx1@ 1883
emqx2 emqx2@ 2883

Create a bridge that forwards all the ‘sensor/#’ messages from emqx1 to emqx2.

1. Start Brokers

cd emqx1/ && ./bin/emqx start
cd emqx2/ && ./bin/emqx start

2. Create bridge: emqx1–sensor/#–>emqx2

$ cd emqx1 && ./bin/emqx_ctl bridges start emqx2@ sensor/#

Check if bridge is started.

$ ./bin/emqx_ctl bridges list

bridge: emqx1@>emqx2@

3. Test the bridge

mosquitto_sub -t sensor/# -p 2883 -d

mosquitto_pub -t sensor/1/temperature -m "37.5" -d

4. Delete the bridge

./bin/emqx_ctl bridges stop emqx2@ sensor/#

EMQ X Bridge CLI

#query bridges
./bin/emqx_ctl bridges list

#start bridge
./bin/emqx_ctl bridges start <Node> <Topic>

#start bridge with options
./bin/emqx_ctl bridges start <Node> <Topic> <Options>

#stop bridge
./bin/emqx_ctl bridges stop <Node> <Topic>

mosquitto Bridge

Bridge mosquitto to emqx broker:

             -------------             -----------------
Sensor ----> | mosquitto | --Bridge--> |               |
             -------------             |     EMQ X     |
             -------------             |    Cluster    |
Sensor ----> | mosquitto | --Bridge--> |               |
             -------------             -----------------


Suppose that we start an emqx broker on localost:2883, and mosquitto on localhost:1883.

A bridge configured in mosquitto.conf:

connection emqx
topic sensor/# out 2

# Set the version of the MQTT protocol to use with for this bridge. Can be one
# of mqttv31 or mqttv311. Default is mqttv31.
bridge_protocol_version mqttv311

RSMB Bridge

Bridge RSMB to EMQ X broker, the configuration is similar to mosquitto’s.


connection emqx
topic sensor/#